Predix is the sweet spot where OT and IT converge.

Predix Overview

Digital Twin, powered by Predix

At the forefront of advanced analytics, digital twin is a virtual model of a physical asset, whether it’s a jet engine or a compressor or any other specific machine.

Digital twins are powerful – they allow tweaking and changing aspects of your asset in order to see how it will perform, prior to deploying it in the field. Predix makes this cutting-edge methodology possible.

Industrial Testbeds

GE is working with the Industrial Internet Consortium and other member organizations to create industrial testbeds that incubate innovative technology to accelerate the Industrial Internet.

Need For Speed

High Speed Network Infrastructure Testbed

High-speed fiber optic lines transfer data at 100 gigabits per second to support seamless machine-to-machines communications and data transfer across connected control systems, big infrastructure products, and manufacturing plants.

Less Downtime

Industrial Digital Thread (IDT) Testbed

Digitization and automation of manufacturing processes and procedures leverage integrated design systems to improve setup efficiency, increase quality, and reduce downtime of an asset in service.

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GE’s Industrial Dojo

Hack like a blackbelt. Hone your skills in our dojo.

Cloud Foundry

Predix is built with Cloud Foundry, an open source Platform-as-a-Service, which has benefited greatly from open collaboration by the best and brightest technologists around the world. In collaboration with the Cloud Foundry Foundation, GE has launched the Industrial Dojo program to accelerate the ability for developers to contribute code that enables the Industrial Internet. Participants will be paired with experienced colleagues to immerse themselves in open source projects and quickly learn the core technology in an Agile development environment.

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