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What is Predix?

Predix is the world's first industrial platform to capture and analyze the unique volume, velocity, and variety of machine data generated across the industrial world — within a secure, industrial-strength cloud environment. It is designed specifically for industrial data and analytics, across industries such as aviation, healthcare, oil and gas, power, and transportation. Developer Innovation and Insight

Developers have visibility into operating environments and every actor connected to them. As a result, businesses can deploy and monitor machine apps anywhere and continuously adjust to new demands in the physical and digital world, while providing the security and visibility required for operational effectiveness.


Early Adopters

The Predix team has aligned with a select group of leading organizations that have in depth industry knowledge and a documented history of success. These partners are Predix early adopters and function at the forefront of innovation, driving dynamic solutions across their various industries.

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Industry Commentary

Frost & Sullivan Excellence Award

Frost and Sullivan recognizes GE with the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Award for Application Convergence with the introduction of Predix, a disruptive software platform that captures and analyzes the unique volume, velocity and variety of machine data generated across the industrial world.” January, 2016

Mastermind Interview: CEOs and CIOs Can Learn From Jeffrey Immelt's Drive to Make GE a Digital Industrial Company

Jeff Immelt video from Symposium "The Industrial Internet Is About Outcomes" "Focus on the Digital Twin of Physical Assets" "The Platform Is the Foundation of an Industrial-Analytical Asset Ecosystem" "Share Data and Focus on Industrial Outcome Measures" "Don't Let Security Worries Derail the Search for Productivity Growth"

GE Primes Predix For IOT Assault in 2016

“GE has the customer base, R&D resources and momentum to make a major impact in the global IoT space in 2016.” - Milos Milojevic, December 2015

Finally, an actual IOT Offering

“Predix is how the IoT should have been visualized all along.”

“OaaS is probably the most useful single concept to come along in IoT because it takes the dialog up to the top where the value to the user lives." - Tom Nolle, November 2015

GE Positions Itself as a Digital Industrial Leader

“Unlike other firms that incubate new software engineering groups independently from their tech management functions, at GE, tech management and software around products and services are inherently intertwined.” -John McCarthy October 2015

GE Facilitates Business Outcomes by Inviting Management and Operations to Think with One Mind

“GE Digital’s approach is to sell the outcomes; be open in supporting broad development on Predix, both for GE and non-GE technology; and lay the path to turn data into business insights”

“GE Digital is, in many respects becoming the IT to OT.” -John Spooner, October 2015

IDC Energy Insights Perspective

"With the announcement of GE Digital as a separate software division, Predix as platform as a service in the cloud, and ready-to-roll asset performance management, this manufacturing company is evolving. IT-enabled services are in the quiver along with GE's more traditional OEM services and sale of equipment.” - Robert Parker, October

Make Business Operations More Agile With Intelligent Business Processes That Reshape Themselves as They Run

“By 2017, digital business transformation programs with demonstrated faster payback will compress the cycle time of insight to innovation from days to minutes”

Gartner, November 3, 2015

Make Business Operations More Agile With Intelligent Business Processes That Reshape Themselves As They Run

“By 2017, 70% of successful digital business models will rely on deliberately unstable processes designed to shift as customer needs shift”

Gartner, Nov 3, 2015

2016: Charting the Path to IoT Business Value

By 2018, direct monetization of IoT algorithms will reach $15 billion”

December 2, 2015

Case Studies

Turning Data into Insights

Kate Johnson, GE Digital VP & chief commercial officer, leads a customer panel on Industrial Internet innovation.

Predix for Healthcare

See how Aurora Healthcare Services leverages Predix to deliver better care, faster and more effectively.

Predix for Transportation

A digital rail system means freight is delivered faster and at lower cost.

Predix for Energy

The Digital Power Plant is GE’s vision for the future of power generation.

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