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A new approach to industrial assets and systems intelligence that provides analytical and predictive power.


Accelerating the Industrial Internet


Predix is your platform for the Industrial Internet. It is purpose-built platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for developing, deploying, operating and monetizing Industrial Internet applications. Highly optimized for the unique and demanding requirements of industrial applications, Predix works with operating assets from any vendor or vintage. Predix captures and analyzes the unique volume, velocity, and variety of machine data generated across the industrial world within a secure, industrial-strength cloud environment.

Based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Predix uses a microservices architecture model where applications are created as a catalog of services instead of one tightly coupled monolith of code. Microservices architecture makes it much easier to change and maintain apps, which is particularly important for Industrial Internet apps that run 24/7, 365 days a year.

Predix Platform Brief

Learn more about how Predix capabilities can help you achieve new levels of productivity and profitability.


Predix Platform Advantage

Discover the distinct advantages that a platform purpose-built for industry offers over DIY and other solutions.


Edge-to-Cloud Computing

The Predix Difference

Edge-to-Cloud Continuum

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Purpose-built for the digital industrial era

The Internet changed the world, transforming the way we access and share information. It revolutionized interaction, communication, and the buying experience.

Then sensors were embedded into more and more machines. And industry took notice.

Now, the Industrial Internet of Things is growing at about double the rate of the Consumer Internet. With more and more connected machines, valuable data is being generated. But how do you turn volumes of data into actionable insights to improve efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profitability?


That’s why we built Predix.

With Predix, GE combines cutting-edge technology and decades of industry experience into a platform that securely ingests machine-grade data at scale and analyzes it to deliver outcomes—fast. Finally, you can tap into the data that has always been at your fingertips and apply it to build a smarter business. All with Predix.

Predix is ideal for

  • Industrial companies wanting new levels of productivity and efficiencies
  • Municipalities and government agencies seeking to create intelligent environments and connected services
  • Systems integrators seeking new ways to help industrial customers
  • Independent software vendors wanting to break into the new app economy
  • Original equipment manufacturers eager to build Predix-ready devices for the emerging Industrial Internet market
  • And countless other organizations that need to transform themselves with new, innovative services

Get optimized

Use Predix-powered solutions to unlock and optimize new levels of productivity.


Innovate Often

Develop your own apps quickly — from inspiration to implementation.


Transform yourself

Rethink your own processes and how you serve customers. Gain a competitive edge.

Technology at Work

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Predix Platform

Why solve the problem with an Edge-to-Cloud Platform?

why the cloud


Shared, pre-built infrastructure


Common architecture for
updates, security etc


Pay as you go


Automatically adjust to meet workloads

why a platform


Building block architecture


3rd parties

Innovate faster:

Dev teams can rapidly build
new outcomes

Reduced Risk:

Common processes and tools

why Industrial grade


Gated, community


Data governance and privacy for regulated industries.


Ingest, process and analyze multi-terabyte streams from millions of assets


Data management and analytics at edge and cloud

Access the game-changing power of Predix

As a pre-built platform, developers can rapidly create new industrial apps, driving outcomes ranging from reduction of unplanned downtime to improved asset output and operational efficiency. By focusing on innovation instead of time-consuming integration tasks, Predix minimizes cost-to-serve and is constantly upgraded with the latest technology and security in mind.


Tap into the latest technology and security


Reduce typical development time from 6 months to about 3 weeks


Scale infrastructure seamlessly

“Industrial challenges require the global real-time big data analytics provided by the GE Predix platform.”

– Mark Wright, president of digital commerce solutions, Pitney Bowes

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